Dance (Photo credit: Nuno Duarte)

I’ve been dancing with anothers tonight.

Husband won’t come dancing with me anymore and hasn’t done for over a year now, even though it was a hobby we started together and he used to enjoy.

I didn’t want to give it up – dancing is really good for you on so many levels: it’s exercise, it’s social, it’s fun, it allows you to express yourself through the music, it makes you laugh when you get it wrong, it makes you feel fantastic when you get it right.

Recently I’ve had the confidence to move up to the advanced class and, as a result, I’m getting to know the better dancers and am taking the opportunity to dance with them rather than heading in the opposite direction because I don’t think I can cope.  It’s a great feeling when you connect with someone through the music and your dancing styles match.  You forget about everything and get lost in the moment.  (It is of course not me in the photo, but this is what I feel like during a good dance!)

So I’ve had a lovely evening – dancing with anothers.