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One year ago today, I drove away from my home for the final time with the last of my possessions loaded in the boot of my car.

“I’m off now” were my parting words to my ex; with those simple words, 32 years of marriage ended.

As I drove away, Al Green was playing on my CD, just like the theme song to a movie:

Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over
But life goes on and this old world will keep on turning

In the movies, the heroine would be driving off to new and better times, but life isn’t like the movies…

Or is it?

Since then, I’ve successfully bought, moved into, and done up my own home; I’ve expanded my business and increased my savings; I’ve had some lovely holidays; I’ve spent time with my daughters, my sister and my friends; and I’ve been having a wonderful time with a new partner.

Each time I return home, it’s not with a sense of overwhelming dread and crippling stress, but with feelings of contentment and pleasure.

Oh, how I am happy ‘for the good times’.

And for dancing with another.

Husband’s away for the weekend.  The atmosphere here is relaxed.  I came home last night from a guilt-free evening out – I drove home feeling like a proper adult who was capable of making her own decisions, not a naughty child who had done something wrong – and my daughter was sitting in the living room.  She normally stays in her room when he’s here because the living room is HIS space.

He often shows his disapproval at the state of the house. I feel like I’m not a good housekeeper.  Yet the house is really clean and tidy at the moment and I realise that he makes the mess but complains when I tidy his things!  Another no-win situation.

So it was all going great.

And then I got a text from him this morning asking if received his text yesterday, which I did and replied to.  So does this mean that he didn’t get my reply and thinks I’m ignoring him. And will he get my reply to his second text?  Or will he think I’m doubly ignoring him?  And, if so, is there going to be a blow-up when he gets back?


He’s doing it when he’s not here.

But I’m going to forget about that and get on with enjoying my guilt-free weekend with my friends and family in my clean and tidy house.

This is what it could be like all the time.

Couldn’t it?