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There are two MEs: Happy Me and Sad Me.

I often meet Happy Me but she’ll only occasionally come into my home.  She comes back with me but rarely steps over the threshold, although she often looks through the window, just to check I’m OK.  Sometimes she waits in the car for me, or she’ll be there when I turn a corner or stop at the traffic lights, or I’ll meet her at the gym or in a coffee shop or she’ll come to lunch with me and my friends.  She’s always there when I go dancing.  Life’s great when Happy Me’s around: she’s so positive; full of fun and laughter and ideas.  We have a fantastic time together.

The only problem is Sad Me often drags along with us, spoiling our fun.  Happy Me and I usually manage to shake her off, lose her in the crowd or just ignore her as she sits in the corner and sulks.  But sometimes she’s more persistent and no matter what we do, she’s still there, with her miserable face and her negative outlook.  She’s not frightened to come into my home.  She’s waiting on the doorstep when I get back from the fun times with Happy Me.  She pushes past me to get in first and she trails from room to room behind me, looking sour.

Happy Me and I are plotting to eliminate Sad Me for once and for all.

We’re going to bombard her with our happiness.

Until she can take no more.


I feel like all I’ve done recently is wait for my feelings to change.  I seem to spend all my waking hours dwelling on my situation, mulling it over and over, thinking and re-thinking and over-thinking.

Quite frankly, I’m fed up with this: it’s exhausting and getting me nowhere.

Consequently, I’m trying to keep myself occupied and focus my thoughts elsewhere: on building a less debilitating life.  Not that my life’s been bad: it’s just that the thinking’s been draining.

Today I’ve focused on positive thoughts and making plans for the future.

I’ve had a really good day.


(The title of this post comes from the Will Young song ‘Jealousy’.  Fortunately, that’s one feeling I don’t experience.)