Every so often I read back through my locked journal, which I started on March 13.

I’ve read many times that journaling is form of therapy: a place for recording your thoughts, which releases them and helps understanding and healing.  It is interesting to reread the unfolding story of your life, particularly when you are going through turbulent times.  Here is the end of my first entry:

That’s why I’m writing this down: not only so I can get my thoughts straight and out of me (I can’t keep bottling them inside, I feel like I’m going to burst) but also so that I can look back and see how the events proceeded so that at some point in the future when my life has crumbled around my feet, I can understand why things happened the way they did.

So often, we arrive at a point and wonder how we got there.  We forget not only the sequence of events but also some events themselves, and everything becomes a muddle.  When I reach that place in the future where my life irrevocably changes, morphing into one which I never thought I’d be living, at least I will understand the how and the why.

I hope.